Dear Kansas City,

I have lived in you for 1 month and 4 days. I have enjoyed your purest coffee shops, your winding highways, peonies, poppies, bakeries, brick buildings and most of all my office space. Thank you for teaching me about independence from comforts and dependence upon Jesus. Thank you for introducing me to genuinely kind souls who call all that you offer home.

I arrived in you with an open mind and deep hopes. My mind has been overwhelmed with my analyzing tendencies and my hopes have been transformed into something more unique. I have fallen in love with my routine of prayer room hours, teaching moments in an office with world changers, and a kitchen that holds the most tasteful possibilities.

The hours of my days are spent primarily with just you and me. Me and Kansas City. Kansas City and I. Together we pursue Jesus. United we fight for freedom. Jointly you and I are venturing into more possibilites than my stale mind can conjure.

KC I think you and I make a great team.

Thank you for teaching me that it is okay to experience beauty alone. Thank you for introducing me to your friends. I can only hope to one day return the favor.

Here’s to more adventures, coffee, and (hopefully) more puppies.




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