Exodus Cry

You might be wondering what I’ll be doing while working with Exodus Cry this Summer so I wanted to give you a short glimpse. Some of my responsibilities include:

  • Monitor and study the communication on the Exodus Cry and Nefarious social networking sites to help the organization maintain an active and relevant presence online. 
  •  Work on specific projects or campaigns that will build relationships with partners, donors, and supports of Exodus Cry
  • Help visually communicate the brand of the organization through photography, graphics, videos, and other visual media mediums.
  • Work on administrative tasks and daily functions in the Marketing and Communication Department. 

I can’t wait to be apart of this team and work alongside such like minded and passionate individuals. While interning in the Communications and Marketing department I will be mentored by people doing exactly what I want to do myself. Communications plays such a vital role in the building of non-profits and I can’t wait to learn how they run their department, even just for 3 months. Thankfully KS won’t seem like unfamiliar territory since I was also there last summer doing The Circuit Riders School. I’ll also be able to visit the YWAM Kansas City base and a spend time with a few of my close friends as they will be living in town. While working in KS I’ll also be able to go to the IHOP Prayer Room everyday with my team—I love that this is a requirement. There are lots more details to come your way and an exciting project happening next week over Spring Break with Alyssa Shrock Photography. I’m not spilling all the beans though so be patient.

I can’t wait to share more details soon.


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