Tonight I am deciding to blog more. This class and these assignments are giving me the final push to the edge of the wall to the murky water of blognesssfear. Yes, blognessfear. I’ve got it, and I’ve got a bad case of it.

Writing pages and pages filled with my words comes so much easier to me when it’s pen to paper. My journals hold all my deepest and darkest but today I’m hoping to let some of that seep into here, and maybe you will enjoy a few words or so.

As The Perks of Being a Wallflower plays in the background and freshly popped corn sit next to me on this late night, I’m facing my bloggnessfear.

So to begin this real life venture I’m going to set a few goals. I should probably blog at least twice a week. Yes, this is good. I will be vulnerable, honest and authentic in my writing. I won’t let the fear of transparency keep me from putting fingers to keys. I’m going to blog about music, documentaries, the nations, life, injustices and all the yummy food that I love. I will share the journey of my life in all its forms. As my life carries me into the nations, into new friendships and wherever I may go I will blog without that darn blognessfear.

To the end of this post and the beginning of sharing more of my story.


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