blue bay

“I will live my life as a lobsterman’s wife on an island in the blue bay. He will take care of me, he will smell like the sea, and close to my heart he’ll always stay.”– Ingrid Michaelson





This past summer taught me many things. I learned how to live outside of unbelief, I pushed through true heart ache and I closed one chapter with a tight seal and began a new chapter of my story. Daily I am thankful for the freedom I have in Christ to live my life. He has given me such joy and purpose. I could very easily think about all the wretched parts of life but instead I am going to hold on to the pure truth of Jesus.

With the summer seal came falls future. As the temperature changes ever so slightly I’ve been reminiscing on last fall happenings and prematurely began to think about all the things in life I am thankful for even before Thanksgiving. I am thankful for loyal edifying friendships, delicious food, hot coffee and encouraging leaders and parents. Thats just a small portion of the blessings I have in life. The list is obviously longer but today thats where my focus will stay.

This semester has brought back the PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte), my quad of Southeastern friends, great classes, Mumford & Sons new album Babel and new possibilities. All of which couple the freedom I have in Christ and the restoration He has brought in my life. Thank you Lord for giving me boldness, courage and dreams that seem impossible. As I chase after what He has for me I pray you run out your own race with diligence. Be fearless and go.

“Courage is knowing His presence is always with you.”