as of late.

as the sun somewhat settles on the Alaskan horizon this is when I become inspired by the quiet beauty. this state always seems to bring the very best and worst out of me. this state forces me to think, when the night is soft and the days are slow.

the day after arriving in homer I purchased a new journal, I had fully filled my last one in Africa and was in need of another writers canvas.

as my friend Samantha and I were walking through and through the shops and store fronts on the homer spit, we found a new little shop. new shops are few and fare between in this eclectic town so we hopped in and explored.

now this journal does not meet any of the standards I have for my usual choice of writing material. I usually go for the tight binding and faint lines and this one is totally different. instead it has the spiral binding and no lines.

I saw it and new it held the pages that would hold all my new hopes, tears and prayers. my favorite part of the cover is of course the ship and that it’s a simple brown. i loved knowing that the hardback cover was actually originally an old book cover from 1962 called, “Pilgrim Courage” by William Bradford. the first bit of the journal has the table of contents and the introduction.

my love for the salty sea obviously reaches more than just my tan, it wrapped around my heart and soul.

well…there she blow’s, perfectly fitted beside the homer harbor.


“come to me waves of the salty sea, come wash over me.”