the end & the new beginning.

This week I have frequently thought about what my last post before leaving for Zambia would say. I have so many things that I want to put into words before this semester ends and the summer begins. One thing stays constant in my mind- this semester has been the most life changing season I’ve experienced since YWAM. Everything has changed and taken a totally different route then I ever would have expected. I believe God radically intervenes in our lives when we need him the most; He seeks us out and rescues us. I am beyond thankful for the interventions that the Lord has made on my behalf these past several months. The Lord, my Jesus, and the sweet Holy Spirit have rescued me. My beloved family and friends, there is so much to look forward to in this life. My future is so bright and the present days are gems in my treasure chest. Each day that I live out is new and redeemed, it is safe and honest, because each day is the Lords. I am giving it all, every bit of my heart and future is His. He asked me to make a trade and give him all of me: my dreams, plans and heart. In return He will give me everything I ever need. This is exactly what is happening in my life as I type this. He is here – right beside me – walking out each day protecting me. I am trading it all in, everyday I have lived until this moment that was for myself, I give it all up.

I am ready with every passionate part of me to run after what He has for me; I will not allow anything to distract me or the enemy to bully me. This time in my life is new and I am ready for it. Going to Zambia and living out my calling to the Nations is the most beautiful way to start this journey anew. I am astonished at the support and encouragement that I have received on a daily basis from those who love me. I am thankful for each of you. You have blessed me beyond a way that I can’t type into words.

Many of you might be curious as to how you can stay up to date with my team and I in Zambia. I know this might sadden you haha but as you have read before I will be in the bush of Africa and internet doesn’t exist in most of these places. Throughout the trip I will not be keeping anyone up to date on anything besides my family. When I arrive in Zambia I will probably post a Facebook status and send an email to my parents and they can be contacted in regards to my whereabouts. At the end of my trip, those who follow me on instagram will be able to see some photos. I am so excited to not have internet for the time I am in Zambia and looking forward to devoting my time to ministry and just loving people. I will be arriving home on May 30th and look forward to sharing with each of you. I will post an update and photos soon after my arrival back in the states.

I love each of you so much and I can’t wait to share all that happens in Zambia. It’s going to be a great ride and in a way you each get to ride it out with me.