Summer 2012 Schedule.

Jotting down my Summer schedule so no ones feels lost (including myself) when trying to figure out where I am!


6th- Leave for Zambia, Africa

…adventures in the Bush


…adventures in the Bush

30th- arrive back in the States


1st- Melissa Miller arrives back in the States from Chile and we are getting coffee/lunch on June 2nd at 12:30 pm. (she insisted I pencil her in and this is the best platform for remembering)

2nd-4th- The Circuit Riders // I’ll be partnering with another YWAM school called The Circuit Riders. The whole school is June 2nd-16th and I’m just going in little chunks. For more information please visit the website, it’s going to be amazing!

5th- Leslie Wengler’s bachelorette party hosted by yours truly

6th- Road trip to Manchester, TN for Bonnaroo Music Festival with my great friends!

…beautiful music and awesome photos to capture the memories

11th- Return to Bradenton.

…relax? Circuit Riders? Family?…

14th- Leslie Wenglers Wedding

15th- Join back with The Circuit Riders for the last 2 days of the training School.

18th- South Carolina to the beach house for a week? Still deciding.


18th- Back to working in Lakeland at AMJ

29th- Leave for Homer, Alaska


…making new memories. seeing my family and YWAM leader Samantha Scanlan and my beautiful friend Hallie Hudson and fishing my little heart away.

14th- arrive back in Bradenton.

18th- Back to working in Lakeland at AMJ for the remainder of the Summer and nannying the lovely little girl Bay Jarrell.

Ill be coming back to Bradenton every other weekend or so to spend much-needed time with family and friends. I am so excited for all that God has in store for me this summer. I cant wait till it begins!

**all things are subject to change**


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