home away from home.

Picking my favorite blog out of all my peers was a simple and easy choice. My first pick was my lovely lil roomie, Sera Manubens. Sera and I met last semester through a mutual friend and began eating lunch together every now and then and also worked on our practicum hours together. Towards the end of the semester she asked me if I would like to move into a Buttercup together and after some prayer and talking to my parents, I said YES! Best decision ever! I love love love the relationships I built with my beautiful friends I lived with first semester but was really excited to continue growing in relationships with more amazing girls on the Southeastern Campus. Hoorah for friendships!

First of all, the house of women that I get to walk out life with on a daily basis is amazing. The Lord knew exactly what He was doing when He put us all together. Rachel Hill has such a zeal for the things on the heart of God this it is contagious. Kelsey Leu is our lil traveling honey bee, always looking for the next adventure or thing to try, I love that about her! Carey Wessel is passionate and sassy, no one says it like it is better than her, and then there is my lil roomie, Sera Manubens. Living out life with this women is one of my very favorite things about this semester. I am constantly challenged and loved by her on a daily basis. Even though I get to hear about her passions whenever we sit and have convos over coffee and I get to watch her pursue the Lord it is so fun reading about her heart via her blog. Her heart is shown so clearly through the things she writes about. From reading the tales about the adoption of her 2 sisters to being informed on the purpose and plans behind Hoola for Happiness and talking about Kony 2012. If you also want to be challenged by a women that lives her life fully surrendered to the Lord and the calling He has placed on her life, please read her blog at, seravirginia.wordpress.com. You will not be disappointed.

Roomie and I 

The whole lil Buttercup home of Ladies. 



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