www.jordynroe.com is up and at ’em.

Today 46 of Newsletter #2 were sent out to all of YOU, my lovely family and friends. I am so excited to now have the ability to share with you my life, my passions and my journey. A big thank you to Tyler Jones and Jeremy Schrock helping me through the process, your tech savyness is a blessing and I am thankful to call you friends.

This morning I am sitting at the kitchen table with my lovely roommate Sera Manubens, sipping on coffee and going through past memories of her journey and the adoption stories of her 3 sibling from China. Asher, Emma and Esther are both beautiful lil Chinese babies that hold a special place in her heart. During the Adoption process she kept blogs  for each of them, so one day they could go back and read the stories of how they came into the Manubens family. This woman has such a beautiful heart and I am thankful for her constant encouragement to keep writing my heart out on my own blog..now website! She is such an inspiration and everyday I am thankful for the amazing, Godly, strong women that God has blessed me with as roommates this semester.

Roomie and I

Both of us have such huge hearts for adoption and cannot wait to one day have our own adoption stories. We sat looking through the many profiles and pages of the beautiful children of New Day Foster Home in Beijing and Guangzhou, China. I encourage you to look through this website and please visit their blog as well at, www.newdayfosterhome.blogspot.com/. This orphanage inspires me to keep going and that still…there is so much work to be done in the lives of these children. I pray that each and everyone of them find homes to call their own and I am thankful for the plans God has for their lives. I hope your heart is just as touched as mine.

Love you!



3 thoughts on “www.jordynroe.com is up and at ’em.

  1. I love reading about your passion for missions and adoption. It is definitely my heart as well! Your blog has been such a joy for me to read this semester, and I appreciate your commitment to blogging. It is really cool to see what God is doing in your life! I also blogged when I travelled to China to adopt my little sister! If you want to check it out, it’s http://www.mikelleliette.wordpress.com
    I haven’t written on it in awhile, but I traced our entire journey to China and back!! My God bless you as He guides you onto His mission field, Jordyn!

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