Update on Overland Mission to Zambia.

Friends, Family and dedicated readers it is time for an update!

WOW! I am blown away as to how God continually shows up in each and every little way along my  journey. Just last night as I sat chit-chatting away on Skype with my friend Melissa Miller all the way in Chile, you can read her blog her at: http://www.melissaj-miller.blogspot.com, the Lord comforted me. Talking with her was a blessing to reflect on the past few weeks of my life. Skype is so convenient when you have friends overseas. 🙂 I love you Mel!

A little screen shot from our Skype Chat.

Any who, after making one huge radical decision that changed what my future looked liked I was reminded that my Father has me in the palm of his hands. My heavenly Father is so good and faithful to me, his daughter. I am BLESSED by the professors at Southeastern University, I am BLESSED by my family and friends and I am BLESSED by my job at AMJ Engineering Solutions. God is so good!

As many of you know I am heading to Zambia, Africa on May 6th with Overland Missions.

As of right now with all of your support in both prayer and finances I have been able to raise $1,290.

UPDATE AS OF NOON ON MONDAY, MARCH 19TH- I now only need $560 to meet my first deadline! Praise Jesus! 

By Tuesday March 20th at 11:59 pm I need $2,000 total to meet my first deadline to purchase my airline ticket. My total support needed by mid April is $4,000. 

If you are going to make a financial contribution, please follow these easy steps:

1. Address checks to Southeastern University, and on the Memo line please write “Destinations – Zambia – Jordyn Roe”

2. Or you can donate quickly and easily online here:https://www.seu.edu/forms/giving.php and write “Destinations – Zambia – Jordyn Roe” in the “comments” section.

As I take the time to keep you posted I’d like to share with you some information about this beautiful country from goafrica.com 

Location: Zambia is located in Southern Africa, east of Angola and north of Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Area: Zambia covers 752,614 sq km of land, slightly larger than the state of Texas.
Capital City: Lusaka
Population: Almost 12 million people live in Zambia.
Language: English (official); major vernaculars include Bemba, Kaonda, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Nyanja, Tonga, and about 70 other indigenous languages.
Religion: Christian 50%-75%, Muslim and Hindu 24%-49%, indigenous beliefs 1%.

Though Zambia is a primary Christian country the belief system if polluted with other beliefs that do not line up fully with the Gospel of Christ. Filled with Animists and Witch-Craft like tradition we want to see this Nation walking fully in the calling they have set before them as children of God.

I hope this helped you understand a little more the heart I have for this Nation and I ask that you pray for these people, that when my team goes they have hearts open and ready to receive the love of Christ. Thank you and I love you all!


3 thoughts on “Update on Overland Mission to Zambia.

  1. My little roomie..I’m so excited to see your passion for God and the nations. I pray you continue to have faith and seek Him regarding your trip and that God will bring in all of your finances in His perfect timing! I hope I get to Skype you when you’re in Zambia..and make sure you watch my little sister over there!! 🙂

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