Gu[B]est Blogger [Friend]

Meet my Guest Blogger: Chelsea Dudevoire

A beautiful way to be informed about this lovely lady…her about me section.

“I am not jasmine, I am aladdin. my last name is extremely french and also has the word “dude” in it so that’s cool I guess. I’m nineteen and a freshman at florida state university, where I work on the tech team at the college of music and aspire to someday be a music journalist. I’m a hot mess 99% of the time, and asleep for the remaining 1%. I’ve got one of those sarcastic personalities that is borderline “too far,” whatever that means. I grew up on the beach for the first half of my life, and in the hood for the second. I believe that dancing heals almost everything, I like to eat humus, I have a weird obsession with the asian culture, and I think elvis presley is the most gorgeous human to ever walk the earth’s grounds. that’s it, really. keep walkin’ on sunshine, folks.”

I hope this gave you a good laugh and left you a little intrigued because that’s exactly how I feel every time I leave this girl. Friends since November of 2009 this girl has been a constant support in my life and I am beyond thankful for the crappy boy who introduced us at the coffee shop. We like to laugh about how that was the one thing good he did for me. HA. Anyways Chelsea Dude is a beautiful soul and amazing rhythmic writer.

For this particular post she wrote a little tid bit on ‘Home’. Her home, my home, your home and the places that make it what it is.

I hope you enjoy.


There is so much to be said regarding the idea that we, as living beings, have the full-fledged opportunity to grab ahold of our little lives for all that they are and bury ourselves so far deep into the damn goodness of this universe ‘til we barely even desire to find a way out. I find it so beautiful that I sometimes fail to realize how knee-deep I’ve fallen in love with even a fraction of something until it hits me smack in the face that I am simply here. I am blinking and bleeding and exhaling, I am creating and I am evolving, I am swimming, finding home in the tiny crevices of so many someones and somethings that elate and entice me all at once.

There is a lot to be said regarding the idea that a home doesn’t have to be minimized to something architectural or even tangible. I have, with time, found that the four-letter-word means something that exceeds the idea of a limit; that there is an immeasurable difference between physically residing inside of a house and being alive inside of a home.

Please read the rest of her post here at and enter into her world.


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