Overland Missions 2012

Who has plans for Summer 2012 and what adventures are you going on? I am going to ZAMBIA, AFRICA!

First a quick update! I know many of you have been following my journey at Southeastern University. I have been working towards my Bachelor’s in Journalism and Public Relations and will be-if all goes as planned-graduating in December 2013 and then completing my internship Spring of 2014.

I am beyond thankful for all the opportunities that have been offered to me thus far by my family and Southeastern. During my time here I have taken each lesson and applied them to my life as I  continue to grow and learn. As many of you know I am driven to be involved in missions long-term and will be pursuing working with a not for profit and/or missions organization upon graduation. The next step in this life long goal is working alongside Destinations, the missions department at SEU.

This year I have been asked to take part in a yearly missions trip to Zambia, Africa with Destinations. Our team of almost 20 will be in Africa for 3.5 weeks with an established ministry, Overland Missions.

During our time in Zambia we will be spending time with the people of the Tonga Tribe. Alongside my team I will be living in the bush of Zambia, sleeping in tents and living out daily life with the Zambian people right in the midst of their culture. This is going to be an adventure of a lifetime. As I move forward in this particular mission I need my friends and family supporting me and standing beside me.

Founded by Philip Smethurst, Overland Missions exists to take the Gospel of Christ to the most remote and forgotten places on earth. We identify these regions and begin the process to spread the good news of Christ until the Gospel has reached its full effect. This means not just sending a team of missionaries over to preach the Word, but deploying a measurable, accountable and effective strategy to empower the local believers to carry on the mission of spreading the Gospel among them in a sustainable way. In 1999, Philip and his wife Sharon founded Overland and under their guidance, it is currently at work in 14 countries and is dedicated to communicate the Gospel to the neglected and isolated people of the world.

There are two ways that I am asking for you to support me. The first is through your prayers. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have for change. Through your prayers the Zambian peoples’ hearts and minds will be better prepared to receive the love of Christ before we get to the country. Please keep our team and myself in prayer as we go on this journey. I cannot wait to see your prayers being answered in this nation.

The second way is through financial support. The trip will cost in total $4,000 for the 3.5 weeks. This included travel expenses, transportation, supplies and food. Please carefully consider in prayer an amount you feel led to give. Any contribution will move me closer to going on this trip and is greatly appreciated. My next financial deadline is March 19th in which I am still in need of $1,350 to meet the $2,000 deadline to purchase my airline ticket.  I’m in need of the total funds of $4,000 by early April. 

     Each avenue you choose will make you a partner in this missions trip and you can have the assurance that people’s lives will be touched all because we worked together to change our world.

If you are going to make a financial contribution, please follow these easy steps:

1. Address checks to Southeastern University, and on the Memo line please write “Destinations – Zambia – Jordyn Roe”

2. Or you can donate quickly and easily online here: https://www.seu.edu/forms/giving.php and write “Destinations – Zambia – Jordyn Roe” in the “comments” section.

Thank you guys so much for reading and please keep coming back for more blogs and information about my upcoming trip. Please also be praying for the finances to come in so I can purchase my ticket! Thank you!!


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