Life the way I’ve lived it.

Because you should know these things if you’re reading my blog. 

Its time to sit and bring words together in order for you to understand what was the beginning of my relationship with my Creator. It all started when he knitted me in my mothers womb, when he chose exactly into what family he would place me, in what country and county. You see my testimony is not one that would blow minds or even bring tears to an eye, but it is one that shows the absolute beauty that is the light of Christ.

Throughout my relationship with God I have learned that I am a rescued one. I grew up in an atmosphere where others struggled with or have completely rejected God in their lives.  My family is one where generations of drug addiction, alcoholism, immorality, promiscuity, sexual and verbal abuse is considered normal and more often then not was accepted.

At 21 my mother held me in her arms, just days after my birth, and realized fully for the first time how she was now responsible for this little life. Her greatest desire was to be able to protect me from the ugliness in this world but at the same time determined to make me aware of what is ‘of the world’. Because of this I saw first hand the repercussions of what not gazing at the eyes of Jesus did to my parents, their marriages and to a family, my family.

At the age of ten my family was hurting and I was broken after moving hours away from my father. My mother and step-father were still healing wounds due to my step Dad’s first affair. Then we were faced with the loss of my baby sister who died in utero. It was at this time I began to regularly attend a Baptist church youth group, made friendships and met hope.

When I saw the light and beauty that is Jesus I knew that a life without the love that was being offered to me, freely, would not be a life at all. I had to have it and grab ahold of the only unconditional love that I knew was truth. Like I said, I met hope and truth, joy and freedom. For five years I was a part of this functioning body of Christ, was mentored by amazing women of God and was able to form a foundation of the character of Christ and find my identity in Him by learning of my worth and destiny.

At the age of sixteen the Lord loudly spoke to me that my destiny was to be walking in full-time missions to the Nations. While attending high school my relationship with the father become routine and religious. The opportunity came for me to be a part of something that would grow in me a greater relationship with Jesus, the knowledge of Biblical truths and help me begin to walk in my calling. The foundation of my faith was solidified when I spent six months with YWAM Maui in the Winter of 2009. While seizing this opportunity to get away with Jesus I was challenged and I evolved into a stronger women of God by being surrounded by others who were like minded and passionate about Christ. During these six months I met Holy Spirit and allowed the Lord to heal the wounds of my heart and break the chains of the generations before me.

When I began the three months outreach to Bangladesh with YWAM I knew that ministering to third world countries is what I am meant to do. I fell in love with the same people whom my Father in heaven adores and loves, my destiny became clear.

This is only the beginning of my testimony and a story of the continuous work God is doing in my life. I look forward to seeing how the next, how ever many years, pan out and where the Lord takes

me on this journey called life. I hope this gave you insight into the little life of one of the many students walking this campus that you will mentor and disciple along the way, in your own journey.