a treasured [love]

I have been unable to pin point a specific time when this love was birthed in my heart. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have always lived by the sea or perhaps the fact that I knew the Little Mermaid by heart at 5, but somewhere along the years of my life I have fallen in love with every little nautical, by the seashore thing.

The smell of the salty shore makes my heart beat faster and my soul happier. Being a Florida girl, born and raised, the love for the ocean flows through my veins. Growing up I begged my parents to take me to the beach more often and let me roam the ocean waves and bury myself in the sand. It was very seldom that they actually allowed this to occur but  I took every chance that was given to me. I remember pretending I was a lovely long-haired whimsical mermaid, a princess of sorts. As the sea and I have grown in our relationship it has gone far beyond sea shells and salty waves, it has grown into an admiration of the culture of the sea. This is where my love for the history and rustic lifestyle of a pirate and its ship began. I could read for days about these ocean rode waves and the tales of the lost and found, the treasure and the beauties of all the stories.

My love for the sea goes beyond just the sand and ships, it goes farther out, it goes on for miles to find my own treasure.

My love for the ocean blue has taken me all the way to Homer, Alaska and Hawaii. My first trip to Homer was when I was 5 years old and I have continued going every other summer since. My parents and I fly across the state to live out life with my dear grandparents for two weeks. Not only do we build memories that will be stuffed in my heart forever but we conquer the open sea on an adventure to place a ‘oh so tasty treat’ on our plates. We sing a, ‘here fishy fishy’ tune and the fish come along. Fishing with my Grandpa and Dad are memories I will forever be grateful for. Fishing has become a family tradition in my home, and it has allowed me to be a somewhat pirate in my own wanderlust way.

So when I see nautically chachkas, trinkets and dust collectors alike, I have joy. I share all of this with you so somewhere along your reading you carry a greater understanding of who I am and what I love.